Let's Talk Science and London MPs Visit Jean Vanier!

Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 4:00pm
ed holder, kate young, peter Fragiskatos, Marco Mendicino

The children in our programs never cease to amaze us!

Yesterday afternoon, our Jean Vanier School Age Program participated in a very special event at Westmount Family Centre, engaging in a unique and inquiry-based building challenge.

We were delighted to have been joined by London’s Mayor, Ed Holder, as well as Kate Young, MP for London West, Peter Fragiskatos, MP for London North Centre, and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Infrastructure, Marco Mendicino, MP.

Led by Let’s Talk Science, the children challenged their peers to completely design and launch a gondola (an airborne tram, like a ski chair lift), using only balloons, tape, a face mask and many other simple materials. Their results were impressive, and created completely unaided by the adults in the room!

A huge thank you to Let’s Talk Science for bringing this inviting activity into our space, and thank you to our local MPs for getting involved and showing your support for early learning and STEM programming.

Let’s Talk Science is a national, charitable organization that helps children and youth fulfill their potential and prepare for future careers and citizenship roles by supporting their engagement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Volunteers from the Let’s Talk Science Outreach site at Western University have visited our program on past occasions to do activities with our students, and we are always ecstatic to see their teams visit us.

It’s no question that the students were engaged in the gondola building activity. The end of day came, and they hadn’t had enough. This morning in Program, many of the children picked up the activity right where they had left off.

Oh the places they can go!