We serve families with children attending the school, as well as children living in the area.

Early Childhood Educators provide safe, nurturing child care for toddlers and preschool children, within a comfortable and stimulating early learning environment. Our Dietary Planner provides fresh, nutritious meals and snacks in the on-site kitchen.

Qualified, skilled staff provide popular Before and After School Programs at the Wilton Grove and the St Francis elementary schools. Additional school age programs are offered at specific locations during school breaks and on non-instructional days.

Parents are our partners and are welcome to observe or join their child in the program at any time. We welcome opportunities to discuss your child’s development and share observations of your child’s joys, challenges, strengths and accomplishments.

We are committed to excellence and take great pride in providing inclusive, welcoming programs that support each child’s individual level of development.

Licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Serving the community since 1976

What Parents Say:

This is the best child care centre I have had experience with. I would not choose any other centre for my child!”

“A very caring and nurturing staff. They provide valuable experiences in preparing my child for school. My child is always excited to tell me about his day.”