Internet Safety Program

As our world grows more connected, it’s important to ensure our children have the skills and tools to safely use the Internet. As parents and educators, we also need to understand the dangers and the opportunities.mother and daughter sit together looking at a laptop

Internet Safety Workshop for Parents

A 2 hour workshop designed to support parents in safely preparing their children to use the Internet. Parents learn current safety features for computers and current trends in children’s online use. Meet other parents, be aware of current resources and share ideas on effective communication with your children.

Internet Safety Workshops for Elementary School Children

Created for the classroom, these 45 minute sessions are offered during normal classroom hours and designed for the following grade levels: Grades 1 - 3, Grades 4 - 6, Grades 7 - 8.

The program is also offered in evenings for specific groups (ie. Scouts, Girl Guides, etc.).

Each format is designed in an age-appropriate manner. Participants learn appropriate uses of the Internet, protecting passwords and personal information, using “netiquette” (online manners), dealing with cyberbullying, and more!

For more information or to book an Internet Safety Workshop for your school or group:

Contact: Phone: 519-685-1400 ext 125.