School Age Program Frequently Asked Questions

School Age Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child attend the Before and After School Program?

London Children’s Connection Before and After School Programs are available in over 60 schools in London and Middlesex County for children ages JK-12 years.

In order to apply for care in our Programs your child must attend the school the Program is offered in. We are unable to offer transportation between locations.

What do I do if I’m interested in registering my child for the Before and After School Program?

To apply for child care, visit From the available Before and After School options, please select the Program within the school that your child will be attending.

Once you have completed the online waitlist application form, the Program Coordinator for the program that you selected will be notified of your request by email and will contact you directly when there is a vacancy.

What will my child do in Program?

Within a warm, nurturing environment, children participate in positive, hands on experiences that are based on their current interests and real life experiences. Our programs are flexible and creative, and provide children opportunities for decision-making and growth towards independence and responsibility.

The program rooms are divided into areas designed for both individual and small group play opportunities. Children plan their time and select from a range of activities including creative arts, drama, board games, science, music, and language arts.

Children are resourceful, competent and active participants in our programs. By using an inquiry based learning approach, we observe the children’s interactions and language, looking to build upon their interests, experiences and needs.

What are the Program hours?

Program hours have been established in consideration of the children, the length of their day and to correspond with parents’ needs. Our before school programs open at 7:30 a.m. and our after school programs close at 6:00 p.m. As per our lease/permit with the Boards of Education we must comply with these hours of operation.

What are the fees associated with Before and After School Program?

Before and After School Program Fees

Subsidy is available for those that qualify. For more information and to submit an application for subsidy please visit

How are Program Educators selected?

Our professional and caring staff are selected through a group interview process. Candidates are reviewed and reference checks are completed. Approval by MEDU for all Program Supervisors is required. All new staff participate in a thorough orientation process. Each staff is required to have a valid first aid certificate, infant/child CPR, immunization record and a Vulnerable Sector Check prior to employment; thus providing highly competent and capable staff to ensure the quality care that the School Age Program has established for over 30 years

What days are Programs closed?

Our program will be closed the following days of the year:

  • New Year’s Day (January 1st)
  • Family Day (the third Monday of February)
  • Good Friday (the Friday before Easter Monday)
  • Easter Monday* (day varies annually between March 22 and April 25)
  • Victoria Day (the last Monday preceding May 25th)
  • The P.A. day following the last day of school
  • Canada Day (July 1st)
  • Civic Holiday (the first Monday in August)
  • Labour Day (the first Monday in September)
  • Thanksgiving Day (the second Monday in October)
  • Christmas Day (December 25th)
  • Boxing Day (December 26th)

*In addition, the school age program is closed for an organization-wide professional development day on Easter Monday.

Who can pick up my child from Program?

If an unexpected situation arises and you are unable to pick up your child by 6:00 p.m., please arrange for another adult to do so. This person must be identified on your child’s registration form. Written notice is required if someone other than the registered parent/guardian or those adults who are identified on the registration form is to sign-out a child. This person will be required to show picture I.D. A child will not be released to someone who does not have permission to sign him/her out. The parent/guardian/emergency contact(s) will be contacted should this situation arise. A child twelve (12) years of age or under is not permitted to sign-in or sign-out a child in the program.

Will my child receive food while in Program?

Program staff prepare nutritious and safe snacks, in both the morning and afternoon, that meet the regulations of the Child Care and Early Years Act and Canada’s Food Guide. We optimize healthy eating by providing a nutrient-rich diet and avoiding potentially harmful ingredients, such as trans-fats, and by limiting fat, sodium, and added sugars. We strive to increase to increase awareness and reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses, the risk of choking, and the incidence of adverse reactions to food through safe food handling practices, adherence to special dietary indicators, education, and training.

It is a requirement that children not bring food into the program, except for PA Days, Summer and March Break programs, as other children registered may have food allergies; as well, some foods require refrigeration and may not be safe for consumption otherwise. Please note that all possible strategies are carried out to reduce the risk of exposure to allergens; however, it is not possible to totally eliminate this risk. For your information, a rotational snack menu is posted.

Will my child spend time outdoors?

Our daily program schedule allows children the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities every morning and afternoon. To help your child feel comfortable and ready to explore and learn in the outdoors we ask that you provide appropriate clothing for the weather each day (ie: rain boots, raincoats and splash pants for wet days: snow pants, boots, hats, extra mittens, etc. for cold, snowy days). We encourage you to keep a change of clothing in your child’s backpack so that children have the freedom to explore and create while eliminating the stress of getting dirty or wet.

For all other questions, please consult the complete Parent Handbook or contact us at 519-471-4300.