Community Home Child Care in Middlesex County

Nurturing child care is provided exclusively in safe and approved homes of carefully selected caregivers, where your child can experience the comforts of a “home away from home”.

Flexible hours of care, including extended days and overnight hours, may be available.

Parents appreciate knowing that their caregiver is trained in First Aid and CPR, and has a professional commitment to providing quality child care.

Caregivers benefit from professional resources, support, program visits from our qualified staff and participate in professional development opportunities.

Looking for parent=trusted and qualified Home Child Care?

  • We offer help finding a Licensed Home Child Care Provider

Interested in caring for children in your own home?

  • We offer self-employment opportunities

Contact Us

For more information about Community Home Child Care Providers in your area or becoming a provider yourself, contact Rebecca Longhurst at 519-245-9229 , or by email at