Professional Learning

At London Children’s Connection we value the experience, knowledge, wisdom, and passion of each of our educators. We are committed to ongoing professional learning, providing educators with a variety of professional learning approaches which include the following:

  • workshops
  • large professional learning (PL) events
  • team meetings
  • an intranet (internal staff portal)
  • networking
  • mentoring
  • ongoing embedded learning opportunities

These learning experiences play an important role in an educator’s professional development as they provide high quality programming which supports children’s learning, development, health and well-being.

Lend Them Your Calm
As always Dr. Jean Clinton encourages us to understand the importance of self-regulation and how self-regulation begins with us.

In her video, Dr. Jean Clinton encourages us to ask ourselves, “where does my calm come from?”, “where do I get recharged?” and “where do I get my sense of well-being from?”, and then you can lend your calm to the children.

“When you are creating an environment where our little ones feel belonging, safety and feel secure and valued, they will be open to learning. You’ve got this!”

- Dr. Jean Clinton