I'm Home Program

Preparing Children 10-12 Years to Be Safe, When Alone at Home

The I’m Home Program is designed to help children aged 10 to 12, to be safe, when alone at home, before and after school. The goal is to support parents in preparing their children to successfully transition from a before and after-school program, to safe, home-based self care. Parents and children learn easy to follow guidelines that help them to set up their own rules, in a fair and positive manner.

The I’m Home Program is provided in partnership with the London Public Library and is conveniently offered at various neighbourhood libraries.

Children learn how to:

  • respond to a stranger
  • deal with a bully
  • be safe walking to and from school
  • follow important house rules
  • handle basic first aid and home emergency situations
  • feel confident, competent, safe

Our P.A. Day I’m Home Program (for ages 10-12) runs from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm at various Family Centre Locations throughout the city.

The day will be filled with fun and interactive activities that will prepare children to be safe, responsible, and confident enough to care for themselves without the supervision of an adult, for short periods of time. It will also give parents the peace of mind that they have taken the necessary steps to ensure their child is ready for this new responsibility.

What Parents Say:

“It touches a lot of issues and opened the door to communicate with my child.”

“I now know what needs to be discussed to help my daughter feel confident staying home.”

To learn more contact: YouthResources@lcc.on.ca Phone: 519-685-1400 ext 125

I’m Home is effective, fun and interactive!