Registration and Fees


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The parent/guardian must complete a full registration package and read the School Age Program Parent Handbook prior to the child(ren)’s participation in the program. The School Age Parent Handbook can be found on the London Children’s Connection website at

The registration package contains the following forms:

  1. Child Registration

  2. Child Information

  3. Program Agreement

  4. Pre-Authorized Debit (P.A.D.)

  5. Medication (if applicable)


  1. All forms must be fully completed prior to your child’s start date.

  2. Parent / Guardian #1 on the registration form is the designated parent / guardian who will receive all written correspondence. This parent will also be issued the annual income tax receipt by the end of February. Should you request a duplicate income tax receipt beyond the past calendar year, there will be a fee charged.

  3. Payment arrangements for the school year must accompany the registration package in order to process your child’s enrollment.


Payment for your child’s enrollment is due in advance of care.

  1. A completed Pre-Authorized Debit (P.A.D.) form is required at the time of registration. Automatic withdrawals for your child’s monthly child care fees will be processed the first business day of each month during the school year. The September P.A.D. will be processed on the first day of school.

  2. If Pre-Authorized Debit is not possible, a series of post-dated cheques for the school year must be submitted prior to your child’s start date. Cheques are payable to London Children’s Connection (LCC) and dated for the first of each month.

Feel free to contact us by the P.A.D. cancellation date shown on the last page of the Year at a Glance calendar, should you anticipate an issue with your payment. There will be a service fee for returned Pre-Authorized Debit and cheques.


Each year the Board of Directors establishes the fees at an amount that will cover the operating costs of the program. The cost of the program is averaged out over the ten-month school term to arrive at a set monthly fee. The fees are based upon the school year occurring as scheduled; however, if unexpected circumstances arise, such as changes to the school year calendar, fee adjustments may be required.

Families with three (3) or more children enrolled in the before and/or after school program qualify for a 50% discount for the third and subsequent children incurring the lowest fee(s).

Families with two (2) or more children enrolled in the School Age P.A. Day Program, qualify for a 50% discount for the second child and any subsequent children.


Two weeks’ notice of withdrawal is required by notifying your Program Coordinator. A refund will be issued for any resulting overpayment, provided the required two weeks’ notice is given. In lieu of notice, two weeks’ fees will be required. For parents enrolled in our Pre-Authorized Debit (P.A.D.) plan, notice of your child’s withdrawal must be received by the 15th of the month to ensure cancellation of your next scheduled automatic withdrawal.

Services may be terminated by LCC if policies are not followed, fees are not paid, or if the program is unsuitable for your child.

A space cannot be guaranteed if you wish to temporarily withdraw your child. In the event of a temporary withdrawal, your child’s name will be placed on the waiting list.


Parents who currently have children enrolled in a School Age Program have first priority to re-register for the following school term. The re-registration procedure takes place in the spring, on-line. Re-registration is a required process if you wish to continue child care services for the following school year. Should you determine that you will not require care for the following school year, it is important that you let us know by checking “No care required” during the on-line Re-registration process.


If you have a younger child that you wish to register, please inform your Program Coordinator at least one (1) year prior to their intended start date and their name will be placed on a priority waiting list. Please note: older siblings must currently be enrolled in a School Age Program.


If you plan to transfer your child(ren) from one School Age Program to another, please inform your Program Coordinator immediately. You will receive priority placement if spaces are available.


If you are currently receiving child care fee subsidy, assistance will continue based on approval from your subsidy provider (City of London or County of Middlesex). Your fees for the upcoming school year are indicated in your confirmation letter.

You must notify your subsidy provider:

  • To arrange approval if your child will be absent five (5) or more consecutive days (ie: illness or vacation).
  • To arrange approval for consistent absent days (ie: every Friday).
  • To arrange approval for a change in your child’s enrollment, transfer to another school, program or care provider.
  • When you withdraw your child from care.
  • If there are changes to your address, phone number or employment information.

Our office will then be notified by your subsidy provider regarding your eligibility for such absences, changes or withdrawals.

Note: If you do not receive prior approval for any of the above situations, subsidy will not pay for these absent days or changes, and you will be responsible for paying all full fees to London Children’s Connection directly. Refer to the information sheet that you received from your subsidy provider for further details.

Sibling Requests:

Siblings do not automatically receive child care fee subsidy. If your Program Coordinator has contacted you to confirm your request for sibling care, you should contact your subsidy provider, who will confirm eligibility. Our office will be notified by your subsidy provider regarding your eligibility.

Interested in Child Care Fee Subsidy?

Application forms are available from London Children’s

Connection Main office, the City of London website at or by calling the City of London at 519-661-4834 or County of Middlesex at 519-434-7321.


Kindergarten Program

School Age Program

Grade 1 and up

Kindergarten Program

(French Immersion)

School Age Program

(French Immersion)

Before School

7:30 am - school starts

$ 180.00/month


No program

No program

After School
school dismissal - 6:00 pm

$ 305.00/month

$ 245.00/month


Earlier school dismissal

$ 310.00/month

Earlier school dismissal