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Located in Ashley Oaks Public School, 121 Ashley Crescent. London

Located in Bonaventure Meadows Public School, 141 Bonaventure Drive, London

Located in Byron Northview Public School 1370 Commissioners Rd. London

Located in Byron Somerset Public School, 175 Whisperwood Ave., London

Located in Byron Southwood Public School 1379 Lola St., London

Located in C. C. Carrothers Public School 360 Chippendale Cres., London

Located in Caradoc Public School 714 Bowen St. E., Mount Brydges

Located in Cartier Public School 695 Chiddington Ave., London

Located in Cedar Hollow Public School. 1800 Cedarhollow Blvd, London, ON N5X 0C5.

Located in Clara Brenton Public School 1025 St. Croix Ave., London

Located in Cleardale Public School 780 Dulaney Dr., London

Contact Heather Mennen 519-471-4300 ext. 231 for locations

Contact Christie Gowling 519-471-4300 ext. 229 for locations.

Contact Mary Vanos 519-245-9229 for locations.

Located in Eagle Heights Public School 284 Oxford St. W., London

Located in Emily Carr Public School 44 Hawthorne Rd., London

Located in Evelyn Harrison Public School 50 Tewksbury Cr., London

Located in Glen Cairn Public School 23 Frontenac Rd., London

Located in Hillcrest Public School 1231 Fuller St., London

Located in Holy Family Catholic School 329 Hudson Drive London

Located in J.P. Robarts Public School 84 Bow St.,London

Located in Jack Chambers Public School, 1650 Hastings Dr., London

Located in the Jean Vanier Elementary School, 1019 Viscount Road, London.

Located in Jeanne Sauve French Immersion Public School 215 Wharncliffe Rd. N., London

Located in John Dearness Public School 555 Sanitorium Rd., London

Located in Kensal Park French Immersion Public School 328 Springbank Dr., London

Located in Lambeth Public School 6820 Duffield St., London

Located in Lord Nelson Public School 1990 Royal Cres., London

Located in Lord Roberts Public School 440 Princess Ave., London